Acting Like an Adult via Twitter

Maybe I’m old or just bad at social networking, but I don’t get Twitter. The only time I’ve come in contact with it is on Tweet Beat, and from what I’ve seen it seems that the main purposes of Twitter are to confirm my suspicion that celebrities are illiterate and to broadcast Coco’s ass. And while I thoroughly appreciate gratuitous booty shots, I can’t justify signing up with yet another social media outlet in order to view them (and I get more than my daily dose of ass from Tumblr, thank you very much). I’ve already unsubscribed from so many of my friend’s posts on Facebook that it feels like I don’t have Facebook anymore (which is, of course, ideal). I think people are annoying and I get annoyed really easily and I just think that Twitter is a bad idea for me. That’s simple enough, isn’t it?

As it turns out, nothing is as simple as it seems because today I made a Twitter account. I did it because I had to. Apparently if you want to be involved in the publishing industry you need to be “connected” via Twitter, so as soon as I made my account I started following all of the comedians I could think of, Hunx, my favorite blogger (Karley Sciortino of Slutever), and Ru Paul. I threw Powell’s in for good measure (and hopefully coupons or something) but all the publishing-related Twitter accounts I’ve seen are pretty boring. So I basically got into Twitter for school and career reasons but thus far have not used it for any productive purposes whatsoever. 

So check me out on Twitter and/or help me understand it!

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