Having an online presence doesn’t mean the same thing to me now that it did fifteen years ago. In middle school, when the concept of the internet was mysterious and exciting due to both its novelty and my never-ending boredom as an only-child, my ultimate goal was to become e-famous via my Expage called Tabby Kat’s Hideaway (R.I.P.) and my “website”/“company” on which I “sold” (to no one) pixilated fairies created with MS Paint and customized Html codes. As I became more angsty, internet stardom meant having over ten friends on Livejournal whom I didn’t know in real life. Now, my online presence primarily involves untagging pictures of myself on Facebook and reblogging vintage smut on Tumblr in hopes of gaining over than 50 followers (I’m almost there guys...ALMOST E-FAMOUS). Having just graduated from college and now beginning to pursue a career in publishing, I have finally decided to go through with creating and maintaining a blog featuring my own writing. Writing has always been an important activity for me, whether it’s in the form of journaling, poetry, or academic papers, and blogging has been something that I repeatedly take up and eventually neglect every few years or so. I blame partying, my own laziness, and Netflix streaming. But now I guess I’m finally growing up, and being an adult includes getting dressed before 3 pm and sticking with creative projects longer than just a couple months. (I also just moved to a new city where I know very few people, so my social life is currently nil.)  

I’ll be writing here, and maybe you’ll read it. I have a penchant for all-caps interjections, parentheses (lots of them), and downing a forty of Bud Light before sitting down to write. I’m not a classy lady but I do have impeccable grammar. I don’t claim the rights to any of the images I post, unless they’re my own, and I try to link the source if I can. Anyway, I think firsts are super awkward, don't you?

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